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Woes From An Apple Retail Store

Posted in Rantastic with tags , , , , , on May 2, 2011 by The Hieb

I am an Apple fan-boy. I have two iPods, an iPhone 3g (that my son uses) an iPhone 4, an old Apple TV and a new Apple TV, an iPad and an iMac. When I think of Apple I think great products followed up by great customer service, or at least i did until last month.

I bought my iMac three years ago and along with it I bought the Apple Care (3 year warranty). About 8 months ago my iMac started shutting off randomly and reseting itself 20 min. later. I didn’t take it in right away because I was unsure if my Apple Care was still good.

On April 3rd I realized I was still covered so I took my iMac into the Apple store and they said it should be ready to go in about a week. On April 11 I picked up what I thought was my computer and went home to realize the hard drive was wiped clean. Not a problem I use the time machine to backup my files so I restored everything no problem.

April 23 I get a phone call from the Apple store saying I had someone else’s computer and they realized this because they gave my computer to someone else and when they started it they saw my picture on the desktop. This was quite unsettling to hear since all my family photos, movies, and tax information is readily available on that machine. I returned the computer that was given to me that night and was told my computer wouldn’t be returned until the 25th or 26th so I had a good 3-4 nights of thinking all the bad things that could happen with my info out there.

I was reunited with my computer on the 26th and the Apple store presented me with a printout showing the machine was only turned on for 2 min, enough time to boot up and be shut down, this was a relief. Then for compensation I was given the “Mac Box Set” which is basically minor upgrades to software I already own. After having my privacy violated, my financial security put at risk, and the inconvenience and stress that went along with all that they give me software upgrades. Had my machine sans info been given away I could see this being all right but come on. Had they given my computer to someone less trustworthy and my info been used I wouldn’t be back at the Apple store, I would most likely been hiring a lawyer.

I’m not one to cause a scene so I left with my computer with the mindset of contacting the corporate offices to see how they felt about all of this. When I got home I plugged in my computer and started restoring it and after 5 hours in shut itself off again. Great.

Not wanting to deal with those people anymore I let my wife call and let them know our computer still doesn’t work, she dealt with the one person in this whole ordeal that seemed to actually give a shit to our situation. We got an appointment for 7:45 the next evening and I brought it in. I was finally seen at 8:30, gave them my computer and left.

The next day I received a call with them offering me a new computer for all the trouble I have been through, I accept.

When I go to pick up my new computer I am told that for all my inconvenience they have decided not to fix my old computer and just give me a new one. What I don’t understand is just about everything was replaced in the old one ($640 of parts and work) so what exactly were they going to fix. How much more time and money would have been sunk into this defective machine before we reached this conclusion of here is a new computer.

I was given the opportunity of getting the Apple care on the new computer which I did and payed $60 for it $100 less than what it cost. I thought maybe they were throwing in the Apple care for free but I was paying the difference on the new machine. When I got home I realized this wan’t the case. When I bought my machine I got the mid level model and the new machine I got was the low end model today. The reason I got $100 off on the Apple care was because I payed $1,300 for my old machine and this new one sells for $1,200.

I realize that this new computer I have is better in every way shape and form that my old one, but it seems like every step of the way I have been given the absolute bare minimum of customer service, and Apple is supposed to be known for it’s great customer service. Is it only great if you’re an asshole and start demanding things? Thats not me, so instead I wrote this.

Have I lost faith in Apple? No
Have I lost faith in the Apple Store? Yes
Will I ever buy anything from the Apple Store? No

So Says The Hieb