A Spark of Creativity

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When I was a child I would look forward to Valentines Day  for the candy, then as I got older I used the day to be a romantic, but as of late I have just seen it as a stress factor. It’s the hallmark holiday aimed at guys to go get something for their significant others blah blah blah. So this year I explained to the wife that there is no need for us to participate this year and she agreed. HOORAY!

Lately I have been snapping photos and recharging the creative side of my brain and it got me thinking. Then it hit me I have the perfect idea for a gift for my wife. The sketch paper came out, a schematic was made, materials were bought, and thats when I realized it might not work. I might have lofty goals and a great idea but did I really think this through. Oh well I thought I better get building and hope for the best.

I organized my hardware then spray painted it red. I printed out the pictures and trimmed the excess. Once the paint was dry I moved everything upstairs to put it all together. I figured out the order I wanted the pictures and started attaching them together with bolts, nuts and washers. After everything was in place I attached the twine to the backing for support and also an extra piece to hang it all from. I wasn’t sure if it would hold together so I crossed my fingers and lifted…and it worked, it didn’t fall apart, the pictures didn’t rip so I eagerly called Jen up to the loft and presented this to her.

Hand made heart picture frame: All pictures are 4×4 pictures, I used instagram for the iPhone to take them, so it’s quite big and you could see how I would be worried that it would come apart.


Now you might be thinking wait it’s not even Valentines Day.

I didn’t make this for my wife because of some dumb hallmark holiday, I did it because I love her.

So Says The Hieb

A New Hieb in 2011? Doubt it.

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It has been a crazy new year for me already and it’s still January. Since I haven’t posted in a while I’ll try to fill you in.

My newest obsession has been photography. If you follow me on twitter or if we’re friends on facebook you might have seen my instagram posts. Instagram is a pretty sweet free app for the iPhone. It takes square photos and then gives you over 10 different filters to enhance your photo. Along with that I have joined a photo taking challenge so I am taking at least one photo a day for the whole year and haven’t missed one. Then to top it all off we just bought a Nikon D5000, no more point and shoot, I want to learn the ins & outs.

Even though I haven’t been writing here I have been keeping up with my other blog over at www.nightflix.net where I review movies on netflix streaming. If you have netflix i urge you to get involved over there. Watch a movie, suggest a movie, or just leave a comment.

Then there is the house…

If you have been reading this blog you might remember when I demolished our shower, that still isn’t fixed and now we found a nasty moldy water spot in out upstairs closet. We had to rip out the carpet and might have to tare up the boards too. What I can’t figure out is where the water came from. The joys of homeownership.

It’s not really a new years resolution but I need to get off my ass and start running again. I did a little run today with the group of guys I podcast with. It was called the Robo Run, Starting downtown at Robertitos you eat a burrito then run to the next Robertitos hand off the baton and the next person eats a burrito. There are 4 runners and everyone gathers at the last robertitos by riverpark and the 4 contestants then have to dust off a big order of nachos. We raced against the roller derby girls of Atomic Assault. Needles to say we lost the race and almost lost our lunch in the process.

Here’s to a new year, lets hope its at least as good as last year.

So Says The Hieb

A New Blog

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So I started a movie review blog over at nightflix.wordpress.com Swing on by and learn about some good movies that may not have crossed your eye.

Also just to let you know the picture on the site is stock I will be changing it soon. Thanks to Roger for the quick turnover!! SWEET!!

Growing Up

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As I am writing this people all over the globe are gearing up for the release of the new expansion for World of Warcraft. I should be a buzz right now but oddly enough I don’t really care. I have been playing this game since before the release. I was in the beta, got the collectors edition of the game and collectors editions of both expansion, I have a max level character and here is the kicker, I have many friends that work for blizzard so I don’t have to pay the monthly fee. All of this and I feel nothing. I don’t have time to play and even if I did it just isn’t enjoyable anymore.

This feeling nonplused for WoW also carries over to all games that aren’t loadable on my iPhone. I never thought this day would come but I have the sinking suspicions all this has come about because I am growing up.  Here are a few more signs of growing up that I have already come to terms with.

-I can’t remember the last time I bought an album

-I don’t listen to music anymore just talk radio

-teenage kids annoy me

-my body aches for no reason

I’m not sure if this is necessarily a bad thing, most all of us grow up at some point. I just hope I can retain enough interest in the video games till my sons get their first console and I can teach them a thing or two.

So Says The Hieb


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So on a whim I decided to grow out my facial hair because I haven’t done it before. Then I found out about no-shave-november so I said “what the heck I’ll grow it out until december”. I wasn’t about to go mountain man so I trimmed the neck and then after a few weeks my wife was way fed up with the stash, and honestly it wasn’t doing anything for me, so off it went. So now I have the amish look going on which I kinda like. Since I have been shaving parts of my face I like the phrase “Novembeard” which I over heard someone say recently. The clean shave gives me a youthful look which I enjoy but it’s nice to try something new every once in a while.

Get out of your comfort zone you might be surprised.

So Says The Hieb

How Far Will They Go?

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The TSA has been in the media nonstop this past week and rightly so considering their new procedures. The goal is to get the machine that puts your old x-ray glasses to shame into most airports around the country. If you are adverse to the idea of someone seeing you in the nude or being bombarded with radiation you can opt out and in turn opt in to getting felt up by a TSA agent with their new pat down that is comparable to being molested.

So how do you feel about flying? Do you have kids? If so how do you feel about subjecting them to these awful procedures?

It’s time to say enough is enough because if we let this go on what will the TSA put us through in 10 more years? Maybe it will be a get naked or let us do a cavity search, or maybe we wont have an option and we will have to be subject to both just to get on a flight but hey all in the name of safety right?

So Says The Hieb


The Great Class of 2000

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Walking into my kindergarten class I was greeted with a banner that said Welcome Class of 2000. I would be reminded all throughout my schooling that I was apart of the class of 2000 and that is special. We would grow up to be even greater than any class before us and better than any after all because the year we would graduate had a lot of zeros.

That day of graduation came and went and here we are ten years later. Thats right another one of those special zero numbers so we must do something special like have a reunion. A facebook page was created to help get everyone posted on the plans for this great night. Dates were set, venues were picked, people complained. Dates were changed, venues were changed,yet people still complained. Well you can’t please everyone so the date is firm, the venue changed again and yet again, but nothing could satiate the complainers. The reunion  was canceled. What?!? Well there still would be a “get together” at a bar if you wanted to show up for that.

Here we are the class that was going to be so great and we can’t even get a reunion together? Just when I lost all faith in my fellow classmates something started happening. There was an outrage and people were not going to let it go down like this. How can we get it done though there are only two months left in the year, it can’t be done. Wait even though we were the great class of zero numbers and this was the great zero number reunion, lets do it next year. We don’t have to be beholden to the number zero anymore. We can still be great and be different in the process.

We might not be curing cancer or leading the way in philosophy but maybe, just maybe we can have a 11 year reunion.

So Says The Hieb