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My Rundown On The Apple Keynote

Posted in iThink with tags , , , , on June 6, 2011 by The Hieb

I just watched the Apple Keynote and here is my rundown.

OS X Lion

Wow I have to say I was very impressed by this version. Leopard was cool in a “faster” kind of way but didn’t really bring much to the table as far as features went. This new version is like bringing the ease of the mobil experience and combining it with the desktop experience.

The multitouch gestures are amazing, swiping between programs, the integration with the new Mission Control it all works so well and I cant wait to use it.

Launchpad, resume, autosave, and versions is everything I wanted in time machine so maybe now I can use this external drive as an actual backup.

Airdrop: quick easy file sharing over wi-fi, SWEET!!!

iOS 5

The New notifications are a blessing compared to what they were. I love the new pulldown screen and the home screen quick jump to the applications that sent the notifications.

Newstand: Just like iBooks but for magazines. I really like the idea behind digital magazines but I hate how some publishers keep missing the boat. One magazine that I would love to subscribe to is The New Yorker but they are offering a year subscription for 59.99. If you are a print subscriber…wow I just went to double check the price on the print version which was $39 is now $69. ┬áThis deserves a whole other post from me. UHG!!!

The new safari seems cool with the one page no clicking thingy but coming from someone with a website doesn’t that mean less clicks on your site?

Reminders are a little cool just as a replacement for using notes when I do the grocery shopping.

I really like the new camera features. You can now access the camera quickly from the home page even if its password protected so for that quick shot your not fumbling through the phone to open the camera app. Using the volume up button as a shutter is nice as well *cough camera+ *cough.

PC free operations just opens this market up to more people. Not sure if I will use it unless it can sink all my podcasts every morning, otherwise I will still be updating via the iMac.

iMessage: OMG Thank You SOOOOOO much. Any more excuses to get people of that archaic thing called texting I will accept with open arms. QUIT PAYING EXTRA FOR TEXT MESSAGES!!!!! IT’S RETARDED, IT’S JUST BITS OF INFORMATION, YOU ALREADY HAVE A DATA PLAN, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



For the most part it’s all free and who can complain about that. As far as me personally using it, I guess I will have to see when it is available.

I was really hoping they would do a music subscription thing. The zune subscription model is something I would totally go for. It’s a nominal monthly fee with access to tons of music and then I think you get like one album to download to keep every month.

Apple I love you, but you already knew that.

So Says The Hieb

My Own Consumer Report iPhone 4

Posted in iThink, Rantastic with tags on July 15, 2010 by The Hieb

With the flurry of reports coming out about issues with the antenna on the iPhone 4 I have decided to give my two cents.

I recently bought the iPhone 4, upgrading from the 3G. When I made the purchase I was well aware of the antenna problems. After a few days and a few phone calls I didn’t notice any dropped calls. What I did notice was the change in bars when placing my finger over the bottom left side of the phone. As I am not left handed and for the time being only really taking calls through my headphones, obviously I shouldn’t encounter the problem while on a call.

I decided to do a little experiment, I called my phone from my land line at home and held the left side of the phone to see if I could drop a call. Here are the pictures I took with my 3G.

So there you go, a good 5 minutes at one bar and no dropped call. It was a drastic drop of bars when I put my hand over said area but what’s a bar when your call isn’t dropped?

To top all this nonsense off, if you get a case for your phone that covers up the area voila quasi problem solved. Since the phone has glass on both sides this might be a wise choice regardless unless you are some kind of anomaly that never drops your phone. I am going to go with the artsy Gelaskin cover myself.

I  love my new iPhone, it was a great upgrade from the 3G and I will stand by it.

Here’s to you Apple for a job well done. I hope you tell everyone to quit whining at your press conference in 14 hours.

So Says The Hieb