I Think It’s About TIME

Can we please stop with the daylight savings time. I believe it was instituted for farmers children going to school or something, I can’t really be bothered to check on the wikipedia. Regardless of what it was instated for I’m sure as a society we have outgrown the need. Most of the world has gone away with this antiquated hour swapping so why can’t we.

How many people do you know that have some sort of device that they can’t be bothered to change the time on it so it’s always an hour behind or ahead? It’s a pain to go around twice a year  and change all the clocks in the house. Not only is it annoying it could be deadly.

Did you know there are studies that show people have died because of daylight savings? It’s true! About 171 pedestrians die each year. Between 1987 and 1991 there were over 900 deaths.

Save Lives, Kill DST

So Says The Hieb

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