Float On

I recently had the opportunity to try out a sensory deprivation tank at Float Fresno. I have heard Joe Rogan talk about floating for the past year or so on his podcast and have been interested in experiencing it for myself. The tank is located down town in the home of Owner/Operator Sean Carter.

The Tank

The Process:

Sean greats you at the door of his very nice home shows you the tank and explains how everything works. Then you take a shower to get off any dead skin, loose hair, and any thing else you wouldn’t want to leave in his tank. You then get in a robe and sanitized flip flops that are provided for you and make your way into the basement where the tank is located. You disrobe and climb into the tank. In the tank your body is deprived of sight, hearing, and the salt water in the tank is warmed to body temperature so pretty much all your senses are cut off and you can give your brain full attention.Once your time has passed, from upstairs, Sean pipes music into the room to let you know. After you get out and re-robe you go back upstairs to shower off all the salt from the tank.

The Experience:

Being my first time in a tank I was very aware of the fact that I was in the tank so it was hard to let my mind wander as you are supposed to do. The feeling of weightlessness is also a bit distracting because you feel like you are moving when you aren’t. I would guess that about 30 min into my hour and a half session I was able to relax and let my mind wander. It was difficult to stratal the fine line of sleep and consciousness because once you start to let go you realize “oh yea, I’m in a tank”. After what felt like 40 min. I heard the music and left the tank very relaxed.

After thoughts:

I could defiantly see the potential of multiple floats, with more time in the tank you wouldn’t be so in your head about it. I would love to have my own tank but right now it is not financially possible but lucky for me Sean is hear in town and his rates are extremely affordable.

If you’re an athlete that wants to recoup faster or just someone that wants to expand your mind and the way you see the world around you, go float

So Says The Hieb

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