Google+ or Google-

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So I have had google+ for about a month now and I still don’t get it. Maybe my issue is I don’t use it on my desktop and only on my mobile device. It looks just like Facebook minus the posts. I follow about 15 people and only one of them posts so needless to say I’m not the only one that doesn’t get it. I listen to tech podcasts and they all seem to love it so maybe I’m missing something. If google doesn’t want this to turn into another buzz or wave they better give the average person a reason to use it because right now I don’t need another Facebook I already have the one.

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Why Kevin Smith Gets It

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I have grown up watching Kevin Smith movies, never in the theaters only on DVD, and enjoying the bulk of them. Recently Kevin Smith started a podcasting empire that drew me in even more so than the movies. With his latest movie Redstate Kevin Smith decided to forgo the traditional rout of distribution and taken just about everything into his own hands. In the process the “traditional media” have claimed he has lost his mind, yet each step of the way Smiths experiment has proven otherwise. Recently on one of his many podcasts (plus one) Kevin Smith announced the next step of his release which will include a Video On Demand deal with Lionsgate. Link to  His Words. This is where I get excited.

The last movie I saw in the theater was Avatar in 3D. I went with my brother in the last weeks of its showing mainly because of the advanced 3D and my brother was shipping off to boot camp later that month. Before Avatar I can’t remember the last movie I went to the theater to see, excluding pixar movies that I have taken my sons to.

Going to the theater is not my idea of a good time. The price of admission is always on the rise, the concessions are outrageously priced, you always end up sitting next to some idiot that talks through the movie, and honestly what has Hollywood done lately that I need to go to the theater to see? I have Netflix, I can wait.

Up until today, yes I’m a few weeks late on the news thats what happens when your podcast playlist is four days long, I was expecting Redstate to be the last movie I went to the theater to see. I have enjoyed Kevin Smith for free for the last couple years via the podcasting so the least I could do is go support him in the theater. Now I don’t have to go through all that hassle, I can rent Redstate this Labor Day through iTunes and watch it the way I watch all my movies. Kudos to you Kevin Smith!

To all the other distributers: Take note, this is the future.

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I Think It’s About TIME

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Can we please stop with the daylight savings time. I believe it was instituted for farmers children going to school or something, I can’t really be bothered to check on the wikipedia. Regardless of what it was instated for I’m sure as a society we have outgrown the need. Most of the world has gone away with this antiquated hour swapping so why can’t we.

How many people do you know that have some sort of device that they can’t be bothered to change the time on it so it’s always an hour behind or ahead? It’s a pain to go around twice a year  and change all the clocks in the house. Not only is it annoying it could be deadly.

Did you know there are studies that show people have died because of daylight savings? It’s true! About 171 pedestrians die each year. Between 1987 and 1991 there were over 900 deaths.

Save Lives, Kill DST

So Says The Hieb

My Rundown On The Apple Keynote

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I just watched the Apple Keynote and here is my rundown.

OS X Lion

Wow I have to say I was very impressed by this version. Leopard was cool in a “faster” kind of way but didn’t really bring much to the table as far as features went. This new version is like bringing the ease of the mobil experience and combining it with the desktop experience.

The multitouch gestures are amazing, swiping between programs, the integration with the new Mission Control it all works so well and I cant wait to use it.

Launchpad, resume, autosave, and versions is everything I wanted in time machine so maybe now I can use this external drive as an actual backup.

Airdrop: quick easy file sharing over wi-fi, SWEET!!!

iOS 5

The New notifications are a blessing compared to what they were. I love the new pulldown screen and the home screen quick jump to the applications that sent the notifications.

Newstand: Just like iBooks but for magazines. I really like the idea behind digital magazines but I hate how some publishers keep missing the boat. One magazine that I would love to subscribe to is The New Yorker but they are offering a year subscription for 59.99. If you are a print subscriber…wow I just went to double check the price on the print version which was $39 is now $69.  This deserves a whole other post from me. UHG!!!

The new safari seems cool with the one page no clicking thingy but coming from someone with a website doesn’t that mean less clicks on your site?

Reminders are a little cool just as a replacement for using notes when I do the grocery shopping.

I really like the new camera features. You can now access the camera quickly from the home page even if its password protected so for that quick shot your not fumbling through the phone to open the camera app. Using the volume up button as a shutter is nice as well *cough camera+ *cough.

PC free operations just opens this market up to more people. Not sure if I will use it unless it can sink all my podcasts every morning, otherwise I will still be updating via the iMac.

iMessage: OMG Thank You SOOOOOO much. Any more excuses to get people of that archaic thing called texting I will accept with open arms. QUIT PAYING EXTRA FOR TEXT MESSAGES!!!!! IT’S RETARDED, IT’S JUST BITS OF INFORMATION, YOU ALREADY HAVE A DATA PLAN, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



For the most part it’s all free and who can complain about that. As far as me personally using it, I guess I will have to see when it is available.

I was really hoping they would do a music subscription thing. The zune subscription model is something I would totally go for. It’s a nominal monthly fee with access to tons of music and then I think you get like one album to download to keep every month.

Apple I love you, but you already knew that.

So Says The Hieb

A Letter To All Current And Future Musicians

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I am one of six guys that make up Dead in 60 Years. We film events, local shows, and random outings. Last Friday we traveled an hour away to see a band from Texas play a show with our good friends Strange Vine. The show was awesome…until we did an interview with the Texas band. The interview ended with the lead singer walking off camera saying “interview over”. For a split second I thought he was joking but no he was just being an ass. He then went on about how we should take things more serious because a lot of people put a lot of hard work into what he is doing. Well right back at you buddy, we have six dedicated people putting out countless videos so that people that can’t make it to what ever can still see a snippet of whats happening and possibly come out next time.

After encountering two people like this I have realized their tell. The main thing on their mind is they don’t want us portraying them in a bad light. I’m not sure who is out there interviewing bands and trying to make them look bad but that sounds like a waist of everyones time and I couldn’t imagine them lasting too long before people caught on. This guy’s main concern was us making him look like a fool yet he storms off camera mid interview. I’m not sure how we can make him look any other way now.

So here is where all you musicians come in. Maybe in the past bands could afford to be jerks because there wasn’t user generated press going on, and radio hits were controlled by big record labels and payola. Get this, the radio doesn’t want to play your music and even if they did no one is listening to the radio anymore to find new music. It’s things done through the internet that are going to get fresh ears and eyes on your music, so when a group of guys that run their own website ask you for an interview you should be thanking them for giving you the opportunity to share your music with their fans and not worrying that they are going to make you look foolish.

So Says The Hieb

Float On

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I recently had the opportunity to try out a sensory deprivation tank at Float Fresno. I have heard Joe Rogan talk about floating for the past year or so on his podcast and have been interested in experiencing it for myself. The tank is located down town in the home of Owner/Operator Sean Carter.

The Tank

The Process:

Sean greats you at the door of his very nice home shows you the tank and explains how everything works. Then you take a shower to get off any dead skin, loose hair, and any thing else you wouldn’t want to leave in his tank. You then get in a robe and sanitized flip flops that are provided for you and make your way into the basement where the tank is located. You disrobe and climb into the tank. In the tank your body is deprived of sight, hearing, and the salt water in the tank is warmed to body temperature so pretty much all your senses are cut off and you can give your brain full attention.Once your time has passed, from upstairs, Sean pipes music into the room to let you know. After you get out and re-robe you go back upstairs to shower off all the salt from the tank.

The Experience:

Being my first time in a tank I was very aware of the fact that I was in the tank so it was hard to let my mind wander as you are supposed to do. The feeling of weightlessness is also a bit distracting because you feel like you are moving when you aren’t. I would guess that about 30 min into my hour and a half session I was able to relax and let my mind wander. It was difficult to stratal the fine line of sleep and consciousness because once you start to let go you realize “oh yea, I’m in a tank”. After what felt like 40 min. I heard the music and left the tank very relaxed.

After thoughts:

I could defiantly see the potential of multiple floats, with more time in the tank you wouldn’t be so in your head about it. I would love to have my own tank but right now it is not financially possible but lucky for me Sean is hear in town and his rates are extremely affordable.

If you’re an athlete that wants to recoup faster or just someone that wants to expand your mind and the way you see the world around you, go float

So Says The Hieb

Woes From An Apple Retail Store

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I am an Apple fan-boy. I have two iPods, an iPhone 3g (that my son uses) an iPhone 4, an old Apple TV and a new Apple TV, an iPad and an iMac. When I think of Apple I think great products followed up by great customer service, or at least i did until last month.

I bought my iMac three years ago and along with it I bought the Apple Care (3 year warranty). About 8 months ago my iMac started shutting off randomly and reseting itself 20 min. later. I didn’t take it in right away because I was unsure if my Apple Care was still good.

On April 3rd I realized I was still covered so I took my iMac into the Apple store and they said it should be ready to go in about a week. On April 11 I picked up what I thought was my computer and went home to realize the hard drive was wiped clean. Not a problem I use the time machine to backup my files so I restored everything no problem.

April 23 I get a phone call from the Apple store saying I had someone else’s computer and they realized this because they gave my computer to someone else and when they started it they saw my picture on the desktop. This was quite unsettling to hear since all my family photos, movies, and tax information is readily available on that machine. I returned the computer that was given to me that night and was told my computer wouldn’t be returned until the 25th or 26th so I had a good 3-4 nights of thinking all the bad things that could happen with my info out there.

I was reunited with my computer on the 26th and the Apple store presented me with a printout showing the machine was only turned on for 2 min, enough time to boot up and be shut down, this was a relief. Then for compensation I was given the “Mac Box Set” which is basically minor upgrades to software I already own. After having my privacy violated, my financial security put at risk, and the inconvenience and stress that went along with all that they give me software upgrades. Had my machine sans info been given away I could see this being all right but come on. Had they given my computer to someone less trustworthy and my info been used I wouldn’t be back at the Apple store, I would most likely been hiring a lawyer.

I’m not one to cause a scene so I left with my computer with the mindset of contacting the corporate offices to see how they felt about all of this. When I got home I plugged in my computer and started restoring it and after 5 hours in shut itself off again. Great.

Not wanting to deal with those people anymore I let my wife call and let them know our computer still doesn’t work, she dealt with the one person in this whole ordeal that seemed to actually give a shit to our situation. We got an appointment for 7:45 the next evening and I brought it in. I was finally seen at 8:30, gave them my computer and left.

The next day I received a call with them offering me a new computer for all the trouble I have been through, I accept.

When I go to pick up my new computer I am told that for all my inconvenience they have decided not to fix my old computer and just give me a new one. What I don’t understand is just about everything was replaced in the old one ($640 of parts and work) so what exactly were they going to fix. How much more time and money would have been sunk into this defective machine before we reached this conclusion of here is a new computer.

I was given the opportunity of getting the Apple care on the new computer which I did and payed $60 for it $100 less than what it cost. I thought maybe they were throwing in the Apple care for free but I was paying the difference on the new machine. When I got home I realized this wan’t the case. When I bought my machine I got the mid level model and the new machine I got was the low end model today. The reason I got $100 off on the Apple care was because I payed $1,300 for my old machine and this new one sells for $1,200.

I realize that this new computer I have is better in every way shape and form that my old one, but it seems like every step of the way I have been given the absolute bare minimum of customer service, and Apple is supposed to be known for it’s great customer service. Is it only great if you’re an asshole and start demanding things? Thats not me, so instead I wrote this.

Have I lost faith in Apple? No
Have I lost faith in the Apple Store? Yes
Will I ever buy anything from the Apple Store? No

So Says The Hieb

A Spark of Creativity

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When I was a child I would look forward to Valentines Day  for the candy, then as I got older I used the day to be a romantic, but as of late I have just seen it as a stress factor. It’s the hallmark holiday aimed at guys to go get something for their significant others blah blah blah. So this year I explained to the wife that there is no need for us to participate this year and she agreed. HOORAY!

Lately I have been snapping photos and recharging the creative side of my brain and it got me thinking. Then it hit me I have the perfect idea for a gift for my wife. The sketch paper came out, a schematic was made, materials were bought, and thats when I realized it might not work. I might have lofty goals and a great idea but did I really think this through. Oh well I thought I better get building and hope for the best.

I organized my hardware then spray painted it red. I printed out the pictures and trimmed the excess. Once the paint was dry I moved everything upstairs to put it all together. I figured out the order I wanted the pictures and started attaching them together with bolts, nuts and washers. After everything was in place I attached the twine to the backing for support and also an extra piece to hang it all from. I wasn’t sure if it would hold together so I crossed my fingers and lifted…and it worked, it didn’t fall apart, the pictures didn’t rip so I eagerly called Jen up to the loft and presented this to her.

Hand made heart picture frame: All pictures are 4×4 pictures, I used instagram for the iPhone to take them, so it’s quite big and you could see how I would be worried that it would come apart.


Now you might be thinking wait it’s not even Valentines Day.

I didn’t make this for my wife because of some dumb hallmark holiday, I did it because I love her.

So Says The Hieb

A New Hieb in 2011? Doubt it.

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It has been a crazy new year for me already and it’s still January. Since I haven’t posted in a while I’ll try to fill you in.

My newest obsession has been photography. If you follow me on twitter or if we’re friends on facebook you might have seen my instagram posts. Instagram is a pretty sweet free app for the iPhone. It takes square photos and then gives you over 10 different filters to enhance your photo. Along with that I have joined a photo taking challenge so I am taking at least one photo a day for the whole year and haven’t missed one. Then to top it all off we just bought a Nikon D5000, no more point and shoot, I want to learn the ins & outs.

Even though I haven’t been writing here I have been keeping up with my other blog over at where I review movies on netflix streaming. If you have netflix i urge you to get involved over there. Watch a movie, suggest a movie, or just leave a comment.

Then there is the house…

If you have been reading this blog you might remember when I demolished our shower, that still isn’t fixed and now we found a nasty moldy water spot in out upstairs closet. We had to rip out the carpet and might have to tare up the boards too. What I can’t figure out is where the water came from. The joys of homeownership.

It’s not really a new years resolution but I need to get off my ass and start running again. I did a little run today with the group of guys I podcast with. It was called the Robo Run, Starting downtown at Robertitos you eat a burrito then run to the next Robertitos hand off the baton and the next person eats a burrito. There are 4 runners and everyone gathers at the last robertitos by riverpark and the 4 contestants then have to dust off a big order of nachos. We raced against the roller derby girls of Atomic Assault. Needles to say we lost the race and almost lost our lunch in the process.

Here’s to a new year, lets hope its at least as good as last year.

So Says The Hieb

A New Blog

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So I started a movie review blog over at Swing on by and learn about some good movies that may not have crossed your eye.

Also just to let you know the picture on the site is stock I will be changing it soon. Thanks to Roger for the quick turnover!! SWEET!!